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When her bargain-hunting eye
spotted that warm lilac pashmina,
reduced from £78 to £39,

she made a quick
bee-line for it,
money ready at her fingertips,

paying with cash
and not with plastic
keeps her cash-flow more elastic.

In this January sale she's made a pact -
nothing will swerve her
from her half-price track.

Grace Nichols

In the Old Testament of the Bible
There are THIRTY-NINE books you can eyeball
Yes, some of the pages
Are truly outrageous
(Back then writers didn't fear libel)

A Stanton

BibleThere are 39 books in the Old Testament of the Bible.

There are 39 articles in the constitution of the Church of England.

In America a duodecillion is the number one followed by 39 zeros. (In Britain it is the number 1 followed by 72 zeros.)

The metal mercury, which is a liquid at room temperature, becomes solid at 39 degrees centigrade below freezing.

John Buchan wrote a spy novel called The Thirty-Nine Steps.

Legendary woman tennis player Billie Jean King won an amazing 39 grand slam titles during her career - third only to Martina Navratilova and Margaret Court.