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Seems like only yesterday
they were both eight,
swinging on
that old wooden gate.

See-Far Woman can hardly believe -
thirty-two years gone by unseen.
But best-friends don't grow
on trees.

So tomorrow-tomorrow
they'll celebrate
her big four-0
and reminisce with a piece of cake.

Those days of swinging
on an old wooden gate.

Grace Nichols

If the temperature that is displayed
Is "FORTY" below in the shade
Then the reading you claim
Is exactly the same
In both Fahrenheit and Centigrade

A Stanton

RubyThe ruby anniversary is the 40 th .

The world's largest glacier is in Antarctica and measures 40 miles across.

The moon is 40% oxygen.

At the beginning of the 19 th century there were 40 Bank Holidays for saints' days and anniversaries.

Caber tossing champions can toss a caber about 40 feet.

The Channel Tunnel is located 40 metres beneath the seabed.

Boxer Henry Cooper won 40 out of his 55 professional fights.

FloodThe great flood that took place thousands of years BC is supposed to have lasted for 40 days and 40 nights. The Koran, Old Testament and Epic of Gilgamesh (the Sumerian legend) all refer to the flood.

There are 40 days in the Christian period of Lent.

The USA slimming industry in 1993 totalled $40 billion!!

The largest ever known swarm of locusts numbered some 40 billion insects (and covered an area of about 400 square miles).

Coyotes can run at up to 40 miles per hour (roadrunners only reach about 15 miles per hour!).

AstronautAbout 40% of astronauts experience space sickness, thought to be caused by weightlessness throwing the body's balancing mechanism into confusion. The sickness passes after a few days once the body has adapted.

Life begins at 40 .

Saint Swithin's day on July 15 traditionally signifies 40 days of rain or 40 days of no rain, depending on the weather.

The human body contains about 40 litres of water.

There are 40 breeds of sheep in Britain.

There are 40 rods in a furlong. A furlong is just over 201 metres.