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Forty winks, they say, is a short light
Would forty-one winks, I wonder,
help me slumber long and deep?
May one extra wink make me dream

John Agard

Mozart, the toast of Vienna
Could pen fer castrato or tenor
'E wrote symphonies sweet,
FORTY-ONE all complete
An' 'e couldn't 'arf play the pienna!

A Stanton

Grand PrixBrazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna won 41 Grand Prix out of 161 starts before dying tragically in a crash in 1994.

Days on Mars are 41 minutes longer than days on Earth.

Rudyard Kipling was 41 years old when he won the Nobel Literature prize in 1907.

In 1989 George Bush announced provision of $41 million of 'non-lethal' aid to the central American Contras who were trying to overthrow the democratically elected Nicaraguan Sandinista government.

George Bush was the 41st president of the USA.

WoolHairs from sheep's wool used in textile production are typically no longer than 41 cm each.

A firkin is a unit of measurement equal to approximately 41 litres.

Michael Jackson's album Thriller sold a staggering 41 million copies worldwide breaking all existing world records.

The Empire State Building in New York cost a total of $41 million to build. It was completed in 1931.

EthiopiaLife expectancy in Ethiopia is only 41 .

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed 41 symphonies.

41 is a prime number.