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I threw a tantrum when I turned two.
Refused to wear sensible shoes.
My parents could only conclude
that I was going through
the terrible twos.
What would they do
if I threw
a tantrum at forty-two?

John Agard

Said Texas boy J. Maynard Farrell
As he hitched up his oilman's apparel
"Here's a fact that'll get y'all
The measure of petrawl
Is FORTY-TWO gallons per barrel"

A Stanton

Statue of LibertyThe Bronx borough of New York city covers 42 square miles.

Jerusalem is 42 square miles in area.

There are 42 species of ladybird in Britain. Worldwide there are over 5,000.

A Connect 4 board has 42 holes.

Tube trainThe Moorgate underground train disaster in London, 1975, killed 42 people.

There are 42 distinct police forces in Britain.

42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything according to Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

AiroplaneGatwick is 42 kilometres from London city centre.

Bill Clinton is the 42nd president of the USA.

The Forest of Dean in West Gloucestershire is 42 square miles in area.