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When we moved into number 43
I thought to myself 4 and 3 make 7.
Lucky 7. This house will be heaven.
The rainbow, the days of the week.
But guess what? Soon the roof began to
From every corner creepy-crawlies
Without a footstep the floorboards
O number 43, house of jittery

John Agard

Of limerick-writing I now tell
Its five lines must ring clear like a bell
It's certainly fillable
Using FORTY-THREE syllables
Tho' you'll notice it don't tend to scan well

A Stanton

American footballAn American football team can have up to 43 players (but only 11 can be on the field at once).

Human rights organisation Amnesty International has offices in 43 different countries. It has over a million members and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977.

LondonLondinium (now London) was founded by the Romans in AD 43 .

43 is a prime number.

John F Kennedy was the youngest ever president of the USA, elected at the age of 43 .

SaltWinds passing over the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan drop 43 million tonnes of salt a year on surrounding croplands.