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I gave my mum a big belated kiss
for the day before she had turned 46.
Maybe she should be ringing 46 bells,
one for each chromosome in each of her cells.

John Agard

In each of our cells, if you zoom in
You'll spy FORTY-SIX chromosomes loomin'
It's just one of those features
Which makes us the creatures
We are - beings of the type "human"

A Stanton

JordanUntil peace in 1994, a 46 year state of war had existed between Israel and Jordan.

Lithuania has the highest suicide rate of any country. It accounts for 46 deaths in every 100,000 of population.

The Pacific Ocean is 46% of the Earth's surface.

Humans have 46 chromosomes in each cell, half passed down from their mother, half from their father.

In 1961 the painting Le Bateau by Henri Matisse was hung upside down for 46 days in the Museum of Modern Art in New York before anyone noticed.

Easter IslandEaster Island Easter Island is 46 square miles

Every year 46 million infants are not immunised against preventable illnesses.

The 12 month / 365 day calendar with a leap year every four years was introduced in 46 BC.

CerealAsia produces 46% of the world's cereal crops.

The port of Massana on the Red Sea is one of the hottest inhabited places in the world with temperatures of 46 degrees in May.