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Beware of forty-seven
said the fortune-teller
for those two make eleven.
A most unlucky meeting
of upright one and one.
Now, whatever I'm eating
for my elevenses,
I munch with extra care
and wish forty-seven
would vanish into thin air.

John Agard

FORTY-SEVEN, it comes in between
Fifth and Sixth, what on Earth can I mean?
It's quite easily done-
Forty-Seventh Street runs
Between this New York Avenues scene

A Stanton

GoldAfrica has 47% of the world's gold.

The most northerly Siberian towns do not see daylight for 47 days of the year.

47 is a prime number.

Silver has atomic number 47 . It is used in jewellery, tableware, coinage and dentistry!

The EarthThe lithosphere is the solid part of the Earth which is formed by the crust and the mantle and is 47 miles thick.

47% of Conservative MPs in the 1992 general election has been educated at private schools (compared with 5% of Labour MPs). Also 47 MPs in total had been educated at Eton College.

47% of religion in Canada is Roman Catholic.

HarpistOrchestral harps have up to 47 diatonically tuned strings.

The British island colony of Saint Helena is 47 square miles.

Tanks were used for the first time at the Battle of the Somme in World War I. The allies had 47 tanks, but most of them broke down.