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Somehow fifty-one sounds a bit shifty.
Not as fair as when we split fifty-fifty.

John Agard

The winters get dark in Helsinki
Where the houses are so sweet and dinki
They go FIFTY-ONE days
Without the sun's rays
And the cold makes their faces turn pinki

A Stanton

FinlandHelsinki, being Europe's most northerly capital city, receives 51 days of uninterrupted night every winter.

Old decks of playing cards often consist of only 51 cards (or less).

The wettest recorded year in England and Wales was 1872 when there were 51 inches of rain.

The hottest year on record in the UK was 1990 with an average temperature of 51 degrees Fahrenheit (based on a central England average).

The first spiral galaxy to be discovered is called M 51 .

Diamond ring51% of the world's diamonds are in Africa.

Niagra Falls are 51 metres high.

French formula one driver Alain Prost won a record 51 grand prix - over a quarter of all the races he started.

Antimony is a brittle, semi-metallic element with atomic number 51 . It can be used in alloys, pigments and medicine.

MaizeThe grain used in bourbon whisky cannot be less than 51% maize, with the remainder being made up of malt and rye.