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I've seen three blind mice
minus their tails.
I've seen five and twenty tailors
riding on a snail.

I've seen nine dancing maidens
round an ancient druid tree.
I've seen a cave make way
for all of forty thieves
at the sound of Open Sesame.

I've seen a thousand stars
in a twinkling galaxy.
But between you and me
I've never seen a pack of cards
of exactly fifty-three.

John Agard

"Hey Tex!" said old Willy the Smoker
As he watched him deal cards out for poker
Don't go cheatin' on me
You've doggone included the joker!"

A Stanton

TankThe operation Desert Storm against Iraq in 1990-1991 cost $53 billion.

St Mary's on the Isle of Scilly is the warmest place in Britain with an average 53 degree Fahrenheit annual temperature.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was on the cover of People magazine an astonishing 53 times.

The Khyber Pass, which separates Pakistan from Afghanistan, is 53 kilometres long.

TractorHigh intensity farming can produce yields of 53 tonnes per hectare compared to 8 tonnes per hectare on an extensively farmed prairie.

53 is a prime number.

Iodine is a dark grey nonmetallic element with atomic number 53 . It is an essential nutrient for the functioning of the thyroid gland.

The first modern atlas was the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, published in 1570 and containing 53 maps.

MotorwayThe world's first motorway was 53 miles long. It stretched from Milan to Varese and was built in 1924.

Iodine is the element with atomic number 53 . Heating its purple crystals produces a gas without first making a liquid.

Scotland is divided into 53 administrative districts.