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OK, tall guy,
you can jump high.
I'm only five feet four
but watch me score,
for a basketball court
is fifty four feet wide.
That thought alone propels me to the sky.
And five feet four
with dribbling pride
jumps to Orion's throne.

John Agard

I turn it, I spin it, I screw it
I orange, I yellow, I blue it
There's FIFTY-FOUR squares
On my Rubik's- who cares?
Knowing that don't help me do it!

A Stanton

SurgeryThe first ever transplant operation was performed on a 54 year old man. He lived for a further 18 days.

The longest rail tunnel in the world is in Seikan, Japan and measures 54 kilometres.

English is the official language of 54 countries.

Africa has the world's highest illiteracy at 54%.

BasketballA basketball court is 54 feet wide.

The emperor Nero acceded to the Roman throne in 54 AD.

The average depth of the English Channel is 54 metres.

Bermuda is 54 square kilometres. It is Britain's oldest colony.

FishIn 1992 the global fishing industry received $54 billion in subsidy, yet still made a $50 billion loss.

The Romans invaded Britain in 54 BC under the forces of Julius Caesar.