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In a bowl of kindness
sprinkle the yeast of love.
Add the water of friendship.
Knead and shape the dough
till the East in you is risen
and heart says green for go.
Put these words under your pillow
before you go to bed -

With only five loaves
let fifty-seven thousand be fed
With only five loaves
let fifty-seven thousand be fed.

John Agard

To get an odd score with one dart
FIFTY-SEVEN is not a bad start
A triple nineteen
Is just what I mean
There's no higher score on the chart

A Stanton

57% of Guatemala's rainforests were cleared for farming in the 1960s and 1970s.

The largest Irish island is Achill Island (also called Eagle Island) with an area of 57 square miles.

57 Varieties is a trade mark for Heinz foods. In racing a 'Heinz' is therefore a combination of 57 wagers on 6 horses.

KnightDuring the crusades, knights templar had to say the Lord's Prayer 57 times a day if they could not attend a church service.

The Manchester ship canal is 57 kilometres long.

The 'nail' is an old English length of about 57 millimetres.

In 1970 Thor Heyerdahl crossed the Atlantic in 57 days in a papyrus boat.

CloudsEnglish chemist John Dalton kept a diary of the weather for 57 years.

In geometry a radian is an angle about 57 degrees.