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It was in the summer of fifty-nine
- Viet Nam not yet making the headlines -
I dreamt I saw the ghost of Frankenstein
walking beside St Augustine.

He said wisdom's pearls once belonged to
and flowers would be a sixties sign
that napalm bombs were falling from the
because of eyes that see and yet stay

Away he walked, no sandals on his feet.
And these words he spoke as I turned in
     sleep -
'Under Frankenstein there's a heart of
I reached out to the lion and the sheep.'

When I awoke that night of fifty-nine
I held the thought that dreams make
     darkness shine.

John Agard

The element Praseodymium
Has FIFTY-NINE protons - quite medium
But takes so long to write
You could stay up all night
And risk dying first of the tedium

A Stanton

Volley ballA volleyball court is 59 feet long.

The first unmanned moon landing was the Russian Lunik 2 in 19 59 .

59 is a prime number.

Until 1991 France had not won tennis's Davis Cup for 59 years.

The moon59% of the Moon's surface can be observed from Earth.

Mercury rotates once every 59 Earth days.

In 3 ice-skating competitions in 1984 British ice-skating duo Torvil and Dean were awarded a total of 59 'perfect six' scores.

WaveThe largest Atlantic wave recorded was 59 feet.

George III reigned Great Britain for 59 years, second only to Queen Victoria.