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Out of sixty
my sixth sense
leaps over
the seconds
in a minute
and the minutes
in an hour.

In my sixth sense
lies my power,
for in the game
of hide and seek days,
time always
finds me.
That old Tick-Tock
holds the key
to every lock

except of course
my secret name.

John Agard

The old Babylonian race
Hit on SIXTY to use as their base
The way they divided
The circle, decided
How we view time on a clock face

A Stanton

MossThere are 60 species of moss in Antarctica compared with only two types of vascular plant.

60% of white South Africans are Afrikaners.

Small angles: a 60th of a degree is called a minute. A 60 th of a minute is called a second.

The internal angles in an equilateral triangle measure 60 degrees.

DiamondThe 60th anniversary is a diamond anniversary.

The average depth of the Irish Sea is 60 metres.

ClockThere are 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute.

The ancient Babylonians used a base 60 number system.

Chinese astrologers use a 60 year cycle and lunar calendar.

There are five elements and twelve animals in the Japanese cycle of life combining to make a 60 year cycle.