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61 st Street Blues

I live in a house, corner of 61 st Street.
Live in a draughty house, corner of 61 st
Ghosts and spooks are the only folk I

I used to be alive, used to live and laugh
     and eat.
Used, to be alive, used to keep my baby
I ain't living now because I live on 61 st

I got the blues
right down to my shoes.
Got the blues.
Ain't you heard the news?
I got the drop-dead freaked-out 61 st Street

I'm skin and bone, walking on 61 st Street.
I'm skeleton hanging round 61 st Street.
I ain't no cop, Mama, but his street is my

I used to hail a cab, used to take that cab
Used to sit in the back, get driven all
Now I'm driven crazy and there ain't no
     cabs to be found.

I got the blues
up as far as my hat.
Got the blues, sad Daddy,
What do you reckon to that?
I got the no-hope dead dope hanging rope
     61 st Street blues.


Carol Ann Duffy

From the Century over and done
The year of Nineteen SIXTY-ONE
When written in number's
A cheeky old tumbler
Inverted, the difference is none

A Stanton

Ice hockeyIce hockey rinks are 61 metres long.

61 is a prime number.

Between 1982 and 1990 the debtor nations repaid $1,300 billion yet their debts rose by 61%.

The international telephone dialling code for Australia is 61 .

CanalThe longest canal in the world is the Grand Canal in China which is 1000 miles long and 61 miles wide at its widest point.

The Caledonian canal in Scotland is 61 miles long.

LiechtensteinLiechtenstein is 61 square miles.

The album Highway 61 Revisited, 1965, marked the start of Bob Dylan's more individualistic rock style.

61 people died in the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake.