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60 was the sixtieth child
of Mr and Mrs 2.
His 59 sisters stood
in an orderly queue
for a private view.
My pride and joy!
My first boy!
Boomed Mr 2 -
While 60s mama
proffered her breast to the lad,
murmuring coo, coochy coo,coochy coo,
coochy coo, coochy coo·
to cute little 62.

Carol Ann Duffy

It's fantastic, the things I've been readin'
'Bout the icosidodecahedron
Its SIXTY-TWO faces
Amuse and amaze
Tho' this shape you won't often be needin'

A Stanton

ConcordeConcorde is 62 metres long.

Boadicea, British queen of the Iceni tribe, poisoned herself in 62 AD after the defeat of her army.

The Kiel ship canal in north Germany was built to allow the German navy to move safely between the Baltic and North Sea. It is 62 miles long.

62 U-boats were sunk in four months during the battle of the Atlantic in 1943-44.

ReptileAustralia has 62 species of amphibian and reptile in danger of extinction.

100 kilometres are 62 miles.

A catalytic converter will reduce toxic nitrogen oxide emissions from a car by 62%.

Japanese flagEmperor Hirohito of Japan who died in 1989 was the country's longest standing monarch, reigning for 62 years.

The fastest fish is the sail fish which can reach speeds of upto 62 miles per hour.