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Half of 6 is 3
and twice 3, 6.
3 into 6 goes twice
and this 6 likes.
Stay with me, 3
and be 63, begged 6,
for the rest of your life.
I will, trilled 3,
if that is your wish, dear 6,
to be husband and wife.
Now we are 63, they sighed,
how nice.

Carol Ann Duffy

The great thing about SIXTY-THREE
Is expressing it in binary
One one one one
One, and yes- one
It's a singular number, you see

A Stanton

CoinsIn England there are six coins with values under £1. With one of each of these six you can make 63 different sums of money.

Gales are defined as strong winds having speeds between 32 and 63 miles per hour.

The Holy Grail is said to have been brought to England by Joseph in 63 AD.

Queen VictoriaQueen Victoria was Great Britain's longest reigning monarch, reigning for 63 years.

The Cape Hatteras Light House is the tallest in the USA at 63 metres.

63 is the sum of six powers of two: 2 0 + 2 1 +2 2 + 2 3 + 2 4 + 2 5 = 63

The average length of a dog pregnancy is 63 days.

SphinxThe Sphinx are 63 feet high.

Europium is a grey metallic element with atomic number 63 . It is used to create the red colour in televisions and was named in 1901 after the continent of Europe.

The Food Safety Act states that hot food must be kept above 63 degrees centigrade until served.