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How many angels can dance
on the end of a pin?

Only 2
can bop and tap
if the angels are fat.

But 67
can waltz and spin
if the angels are thin.

Carol Ann Duffy

If boxing's the way that you altercate
Why not enter the ring as a welterweight?
But if your weight ain't below
Then you'd better crash diet at a helter-skelter rate

A Stanton

CakeA cake can be cut into 67 segments with only 12 cuts.

The UK has the world's second highest rate of death from lung cancer at 67 deaths per 100,000 of population each year.

67% of adults read a daily paper in the UK.

CricketCricketer Jack Gregory achieved his fastest ever test century from just 67 deliveries.

There are 67 million speakers of Tamil in the world.

Leonardo Da Vinci died at the age of 67 in 1519.

Forest67% of British forests have been damaged by acid rain (the highest proportion in Europe).

67 is a prime number.

The Andes mountain range in South America stretches across 67 degrees of latitude.