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In the town where I grew up
(a nondescript wee place)
instead of saying 'Late'
what was said was simply '68'.

I was 68 for school.
I was 68 for lunch.
My friends and I were 68
for netball (in a bunch).

I was 68 to go to bed
and 68 to rise.
if I hadn't been so 68
I might have been more wise.

But better 68 than never!
It's never too 68.
If you reckon something's 68
take my advice - and wait.

Then when your number's up
and you're lying in a crate
you won't be dead, deceased or dust -
you'll just be 68.

Carol Ann Duffy

Times it: SIXTY-EIGHT by ninety-one
Now times that by twelve thousand for fun
Done all that? What a hero!
Now times it by zero
And all your hard work is undone

A Stanton

MeatThe average person in the UK consumes 68 kilograms of meat a year.

Rediscovered in 1947 the dead sea scrolls were originally completed in 68 AD.

Pakistan68% of irrigated land in Pakistan is waterlogged or suffering from salinization.

The space shuttle orbiter (without its three launch engines) weighs 68 tonnes.

Nero, emperor of Rome, committed suicide in 68 AD. Roman biographer Suetonius quotes his dying words as: "What an artist dies in me!"

PrimateBrazil has more primate species than any country in the world with 68 types.

Legendary Queen Cleopatra was born in 68 BC.

The coldest place on Earth is Yakutsk, Russia with an average winter temperature of - 68 degrees Fahrenheit.