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How many miles to greyhair?
How will I know when I've arrived?
When your journey's done.
What will I find when I get there?
A bed. A yard of ale.
Are you certain that I will end there?
Keep counting. You cannot fail.

Carol Ann Duffy

If I've SEVENTY-ONE tonnes of metals,
And I've SEVENTY-ONE tonnes of petals,
Which lot weighs less?
Take your time, don't just guess
Give the question a good chance to settle

A Stanton

CremationThe UK cremates 71% of dead people.

South Glamorgan, Wales has the shortest perimeter of any county in the UK at 71 miles.

71 countries are members of the International Hockey Federation.

Earth's surface71% of the Earth's surface is water.

71 is a prime number.

The late great Stanley Matthews played first division football till after the age of 50, but only scored 71 goals.

White House71% of Washington DC, the Capital of the USA, is black.

The Boeing 747, or Jumbo Jet, is 71 metres long.