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Today I picked 73 flowers
and pressed them in this book.

It took hours, hours -
but look!

Carol Ann Duffy

The Empire State Building's so great
If you climbed every stair you'd be late
Lifts are built in, you see
Take it easy, don't walk- elevate

A Stanton

73% of the £3 billion of chocolate bought in the UK each year is consumed by women and children.

The worst airship disaster killed 73 people when the US Navy airship Akron crashed into the sea in 1933.

Helsinki is Europe's most northerly capital city. It receives 73 days of constant light in the summer.

Hadrian's Wall is 73 miles long.

King Herod is thought to have been born in 73 BC.

In 73 BC, the gladiator Spartacus led a revolt of gladiators and slaves against the Romans.

King David is credited with 73 of the Psalms.

Empire State BuildingThe Empire State Building has 73 lifts.

In the television series 'Lassie' the eponymous canine heroine rescued 73 animals and birds.

Tantalum is a hard, grey-white, metallic element with atomic number 73 . It is used in lamp filaments that are subject to vibration, and as a catalyst in the synthesis of rubber.

73 is a prime number.

The greatest British air ace of World War I was Major Edward Mannock with a remarkable 73 kills claimed.