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and still alive,
and counting,
but the years ahead
will see me dead
though the years behind
are mounting.

Carol Ann Duffy

"Would you like to have SEVENTY-FIVE
Per cent of this cake?" I asked Clive
"Or perhaps you would care
For a three-quarter share?"
At which answer should Clive now arrive?

A Stanton

UK mapNowhere in the UK is more than 75 miles from the sea.

Blackpool has the world's largest roller coaster which is 75 metres high and one mile long.

The Channel Islands have an area of 75 square miles.

The stopping distance for a car moving at 30 miles per hour is 75 feet, according to the Highway Code.

Edward VEdward V reigned Britain for just 75 days in 1483.

An estimated 75 million people died of the Black Death (plague) in the 14th century. It is thought to be the greatest loss of life ever from a single event.

75% of the land in Bangladesh is less than three metres above sea level.

Silver ringSterling silver is an alloy containing 925 parts silver and 75 parts copper.

Life expectancy in the UK is 75 for both sexes with heart disease the main killer.

At 75 tonnes the US space station Skylab in 1973 was the heaviest ever object put into space.

Three quarters is 75%.