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We were happy in '76
although we had nix.

And we were young in '76,
living for kicks.

Full of beans in '76,
up to our tricks

Boys were skins in '76
and girls were chicks.

When we went out in '76
we went to the flicks.

Now it's not '76
we live in the sticks.

We stay at home (oh '76!)
a pair of hicks.

Then one of us remembers '76,
gets out the pics.

There we are, as large as life,
in '76.

Carol Ann Duffy

Ev'ry SEVENTY-SIX years, like a sky-ray
Halley's Comet returns, hot and fiery
This century it comes
In year Sixty-one
So pencil it into your diary!

A Stanton

Halley's CometHalley's comet returns every 76 years. It is next due to appear in the year 2061.

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe where it accounts for 76 % of the total mass.

LincolnAbraham Lincoln was the tallest ever US president at 6 feet and four inches, or 76 inches in total.

The Roman emperor Hadrian (who was responsible for Hadrian's Wall in Britain) was born in 76 .

The densest of all elements is Osmium with atomic number 76 . It is a blue-white metallic element.

Isle of WightThe coast of the Isle of Wight is 76 miles around.

76% of Tunisian land is threatened by soil erosion.