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Five soft syllables say
seventy seven.

Both couplets of this verse
contain eleven.

Carol Ann Duffy

On March 17, year Two Thousan'
The pubs will be fillin' and crowdin'
Saint Patrick's- it's heaven
For those who like drunken carousin'

A Stanton

MoneyEuro Disney made a loss of $900 million in its first year but announced a 77% cut in losses in the six month period to 31 March 1995.

The Group of 77 was formed in 1964 to encourage industrialised countries to give more aid to less developed countries.

ImprisonedCzech playwright and politician Vaclav Havel was imprisoned for supporting the Czech human rights manifesto Charter 77 .

Irridium, which is twice as heavy as lead has atomic number 77 .

TaiwanThe life expectancy of women in Kuwait, Singapore and Taiwan is 77 (it's 72 for men).

US poet John Berryman wrote 77 Dream Songs.

Swindon is 77 miles west of London.