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In 78
are several sums
shyly hiding.
Try finding them,
try adding up,
try dividing.
Add 9,
watch 7 and 8
change places.
Multiply -
watch 5 and 6
show their faces.
78 -
chalk on a slate
rubbed away,
dancing maths
in a shaft of light
on a school day.

Carol Ann Duffy

Consult, if your mind is not narrow
The SEVENTY-EIGHT cards of the Tarot
But if hearing the future
Does not really suit ya
You may chill your bones to the marrow

A Stanton

LianasLianas - plants which grow around trees in tropical rainforests - grow up to 78 metres in length.

Air is 78% nitrogen.

The United Arab Emirates university population is 78% women.

A 78 is an old gramophone record, so called because it plays at 78 revolutions per minute.

There are 78 cards in a full deck of tarot cards.

Tennis courtA lawn tennis court is 78 feet long.

Guernsey has an area of 78 square kilometres.

The Orient Express train made its last voyage from Paris to Bucharest in 1961. It had been in operation for 78 years. (Also, in 1883 the Orient Express completed its first run from Paris to Constantinople in 78 hours.)

Priest78% of religion in Austria is Roman Catholic.

English fashion designer Paul Smith was so popular in Japan that there were 78 of his shops in Japan alone.

In 1992 there were 78 suicides in England and Wales per million of the population.