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What mark did you get?
I wrote a poem
that sang in the mouth
sweeter than wine.

I painted a picture
that swam in the eye,
a serpentine.

I played a tune
that rang in the ears
like something divine.

I danced a dance
that sprang in the feet
like a chorus line.

I lay in a box
that banged in the face
and was made of pine.

Carol Ann Duffy

SEVENTY-NINE to a Pythagorean
Was a "male" number, reason being-
They were believin'
That "females" were even
(A terribly "odd" way of seeing)

A Stanton

CheeseYou can divide a camembert cheese into 79 pieces with only 13 straight cuts.

William Whitelaw came second to Margaret Thatcher with 79 votes in the election for the leader of the Conserative party in 1975. She won the ballot with 146 votes.

GoldGold has atomic number 79 .

' 79 - last year before the eighties!

Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, burying the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

79 is a prime number.