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I do not care what year it is, what month,
what datey,
Nothing you can say will interest me
so don't try, matey.
I know what it is to love, what it is
to hatey.
What will be will be, you see, sooner
or latey.
Let me be. All things are in the fickle
of fatey.
I like to sit at home,
fire in the gratey,
partaking of a simple bowl
of mince and tatey
now I'm 80.

Carol Ann Duffy

In her young days she ran her own dairy an'
Worked for thirty years as a librarian
But now she's turned EIGHTY
My Great Aunty Katie's
A hap'ly retired octogenarian!

A Stanton

Diamond80% of Botswana's export earnings are from diamonds.

The largest ever dinosaur was the Seismosaurus, estimated to weigh up to 80 tonnes!

The most deadly snake in the world, the black mamba, delivers enough venom in one bite to kill 80 people.

French flagThe French call 80 'quatre-vingts', meaning 'four lots of twenty'.

There are 80 chains in a mile.

Pewter is 80% tin (and 20% lead).

The Panama Canal, which links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, is 80 kilometres long.

HelicopterIn 1925 the first British helicopter to achieve free flight made 80 vertical take-offs before crashing.

A person in their eighties is called an octogenarian.

Novelist Jules Verne wrote 'Around the World in Eighty Days'.