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As I sit writing this in the Year 2000
and grumpy old crows make a racket
     round my house
and a lorry loses its way down my road
and my e-mails shoot round the world
and a band struts down a street in LA on
it all feels pretty peaceful round here.

As you sit reading this
perhaps you see some crows in your
perhaps you see the lorry losing its way
perhaps you see e.mails shooting round
     the world
perhaps you see a band strutting in LA
perhaps it all feels pretty peaceful.

Eighty-two years before I find myself
     writing this
men sat down in a room and said
that's the end of The Great War
that was the war to end all wars.
Now there will be peace.

In every one of those eighty two years
there has been a war.

Shut your eyes
somewhere far off a young man is trying
     to kill another young man.
They are both wearing uniform.

Michael Rosen

It's funny, the things people do
They've worked out there are just EIGHTY-TWO
Ways of linking together
Six hexagons. Whether
There's any real point, I've no clue

A Stanton

ButterBritish butter typically contains 82% fat.

Six hexagons can be fitted together in 82 different ways.

82% of the population of Cyprus is Greek Cypriot (the other 18% is Turkish Cypriot).

Le MansAt Le Mans in 1955 a Mercedes hit a wall, exploded in mid-air and showered wreckage onto the watching crowds. 82 people died.

A kilderkin is a British unit of capacity equal to about 82 litres.

Earth's crustThe mantle, which is the layer of the Earth between the crust and core, accounts for 82% of the Earth's volume.

The Orange-Fish river in South Africa is the longest irrigation tunnel at 82 kilometres.

Lead has an atomic number 82. It is used in glass, batteries, ceramics and various alloys.