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He didn't write:
'Julius Caesar
the Roman geezer
squashed his nose
in a lemon squeezer.'

But he did write a book
of 116 poems.
The book that got copied and copied
copied and copied
till they found just the one and only one
left in Verona in Italy
stuck under a barrel.
Poem number 85 says:
'I hate and I love.
I don't know how I know this.
I just feel it.
And it's tearing me apart.'

Michael Rosen

EIGHTY-FIVE is the eyes of four owls
Times the lives of a cat which miaows
Plus a Friday that brings
Only unlucky things
Plus the number of dogs that are cows

A Stanton

Religious statueMore than 85% of the South American population is Roman Catholic.

The world's largest single span brick arch is 85 feet across and found in the remains of the great palace, Baghdad.

Continuous or frequent exposure to noise levels exceeding 85 dB can lead to severe hearing loss.

Approximately 85% of the Danish population live in urban areas.

GibbonThe larger species of gibbon stand around 85cm high, although their arm span is nearly twice that!!

The Cherokee alphabet developed by Sequoya (also know as George Guess), consists of 85 letters.

The Yiddish vocabulary spoken in eastern Europe during recent times comprises about 85% German, with the remainder made up of Hebrew, Slavic, Romanian, French, and other elements.

Baby "Snowshoe" rabbits weigh approximately 85g at birth.

OrangesBrazil supplies 85% of the world's orange juice.

Desmond Llewelyn, better known as "Q" from the Bond films, died in 1999 aged 85 .

The actor who was "the Lone Ranger" from 1949-1957, Clayton Moore, died in 1999 aged 85 .

In 18 85 , Van Gogh painted his painting, The Potato Eaters.

The Deleware Aquaduct in New York State is approximately 85 miles long, and is the longest tunnel in the world.