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Can we have take-away tonight?
- Nice idea. Indian?
We had Indian last time.
- Well we could have Indian again.
I want Pizza.
I want Chinese.
I want Indian.
- I'm paying so I'll choose.
We're eating, so we choose.
- OK you can choose if you can agree.
- Hang on, the Pizza place is being
    done up. It's closed.
- OK, Chinese.

- Anyone seen the menu?
Isn't it on the mantlepiece?
I saw it in the drawer.
- No, it's not here.

It's OK, we know what we want, we don't
    need the menu.
- What is it? Sweet and Sour?
- Chow Mein
? Nope
- Which one is it then?
- 86? You sure?

- OK...86 but what is 86?
You wait and see.

Michael Rosen

If you can't pay for your cocktail mixer
Then the bars in the States "EIGHTY-SIX" ya
It's the phrase that is used
When your custom's refused
So don't try that again or they'll fix ya

A Stanton

AlaskaThe US state of Alaska includes approximately 86,000m 2 of inland water.

86% of New Zealanders are of European origin.

The oldest part of Segovia in Spain is surrounded by a wall on which there are 86 towers, dating from the 11th and 12th centuries.

Coffee beansThailand produces 86,000 metric tons of coffee each year.

Most whisky is sold at 80 to 86% proof.

Irish Wolfhounds are usually 86cm high at the shoulder.

Death ValleyThe bottom of Death Valley in California is the lowest point in North America at 86m below sea level.

The metallic element Gallium melts at 86 degrees Farenheit.

The last series of the US television series "Knight Rider" was filmed in 1986.