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E89 RGX - my reg.
My number plate.
My number.
My car.
No one else has got that number.
I wonder who's got
E88 RGX...
I wonder who's got
E90 RGX...
Hello E88 RGX.
Hello E90 RGX.
I'm Michael
and I'm writing to tell you
that E89 RGX
is a broken down old brown
Nissan Bluebird Estate.
The door got smashed in
so I ordered a new one
and it isn't quite the same colour.
The windscreen leaks.
The back of the driver's seat
is falling off
so I've got it taped up with parcel tape
and the springs are coming through
so I have to sit on a yellow cushion
to stop me getting my backside spiked.
The hatchback door doesn't lock
and if you don't bang the door handles
     back in
the doors won't close.
We've got a plastic jellyfish
who used to be
tied up and dangling from the mirror.
His name is Colin.
He escaped.
Now he sits in the
cubby hole in the dash.
Quite often thieves get into E89 RGX.
Once they stole the radio.
It didn't work anyway.
Now they get in,
throw the window sponge around
rummage through the rubbish bag
and then go away.
They don't want an old brown Nissan
     Bluebird Estate.
And they don't want Colin.
That's my story E88 and E90.
What's yours?

Michael Rosen

The Fibonnaci sequence is mighty fine
Start by adding two "ones" written in a line
Add the answer you learn
To the previous term
Keep doing this till you reach EIGHTY-NINE

A Stanton

SunflowerSunflower seedheads normally have 89 spirals going anticlockwise and 55 going clockwise.

Punjabi is spoken by 89 million people in Punjab, Pakistan and India.

The tallest hotel in the world is the Bayoke II tower. It has 89 storeys and is 319 metres high.

Hawaii produces $89 million worth of livestock and livestock products.

GannetThe body length of an average gannet (a type of seabird) is approximately 89cm.

89 is a prime number.

Remoras (a type of sucking fish) range from 18cm to 89 cm.

FencingEach of the three weapons used in modern fencing - the epee, foil and sabre, have a maximum blade length of 89cm, and are made from tempered steel.

In high school, Muhammad Ali weighed 89 pounds.

The city of Yalta in South Ukraine has a population of 89 thousand.