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They say you're full-time,
the end of the game.
A game of football lasts 90 minutes, they
You can find it in the rule book,
and managers and coaches say things
'They played well for the full 90 minutes...'.
But you're never 90, are you?
There's injury time in the first half.
There's the half-time break.
There's injury time in the second half.
Really, if you're honest, Ninety,
you're never less than 107, are you?
Sometimes when
one team is a bit slow coming out for the
     second half
when the tackles are coming in hard
and players are being stretchered off,
and the goalkeeper is mucking about,
and the substitutes are taking ages
     coming on -
you're more like 114.
I think you're only pretending to be 90.
It's some kind of trick to make us think
everything is neat and tidy.
Tidy Ninety.
But you're not 90.
You're Notninety.

Michael Rosen

Crooked corners and edges we hate
As shelves that slope down demonstrate
NINETY degrees is
The angle that pleases -
And helps us ensure things are straight

A Stanton

CopperCopper accounts for 90% of Zambia's export earnings.

The North Sea has an average depth of 90 metres.

Gold coinage is normally only 90% gold, with 10% copper.

The longest international archery events are held over 90 metres.

NonagenarianA person who has lived for 90 years is a nonagenarian.

A boule court is 90 feet long.

Air temperature at ground level drops on average by 1 degree centigrade for every 90 metre rise in land height.

Dark matter (that's matter that we can't detect) is believed by astronomers to account for 90% of the universe's mass.

Orkney consists of 90 islands and islets off the north coast of Scotland.

Bamboo can grow up to 90 centimetres in one day.

Tea90% of tea consumed in the former USSR is grown in Georgia.

Antarctica contains 90% of the world's ice.

An angle of 90 degrees is called a right angle. Angles less than this are known as acute, while angles greater than this are called obtuse.

In baseball, bases are set 90 feet apart.