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In French you're quatre-vingt-onze.
That means four-twenty-eleven.
So if French people see you, 91,
they think you're
four times twenty plus eleven.
When I see you
I think of you as
ninety plus one.
A little bit more than something quite big.
Maybe, if I stop and think about it
I see you as
ten times nine and a little bit more.
If we had to change what to call you
I could put up with calling you
...but four-twenty-eleven?
I don't think so.

Michael Rosen

"NINETY-ONE! It's no fun!" complained Mabel
"I can't find it in any times table.
It won't go by four,
Five or nine, I'm quite sure!"
Can you find some she's missed- are you able?

A Stanton

Denmark91F is the highest recorded temperature in Copenhagen.

U.S.A. has 91 thousand square miles of inland water.

In Papua New Guinea there are 91 teachers for every student.

The Coastline of Dominica is 91 miles around.

Last year Taiwan made 91 tonnes of gold into jewelry.

In 91 AD St Clement I became pope.

Blue whaleA 91 foot blue whale was the heaviest mammal ever caught (at 190

Hailstones killed 91 people during a terrible storm in Bangladesh on

91% of deaths caused by eating poisoned mushrooms worldwide are due to

caps and their similarities to edible mushrooms.

91% of Austrian men shave regularly

MotorbikeHarley Davidson make engines upto 91 inches cubed (1491cm cubed.)

Papua New Guinea is 91% forest.

Norway has 91 cinema screens per million of population.

In 1991 Freddy Mercury died of aids.