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If there was life on other planets
If there was life on Mars
If the life-forms on Mars were something
     we could call Martians
If Martians needed to live by breathing
     what was in the air round Mars
If Martians could count
If Martians had favourite numbers
If Martians thought percentages were a
     good thing
If Martians realised that they were living
     off carbon dioxide in the air round      Mars
If all these things were true
I reckon that at least one Martian
would think that 95 was fantastic.

Michael Rosen

The planets all follow a pattern
For example, let's think about Saturn.
Not counting its ring,
The mass of the thing's
NINETY-FIVE times the one that we're sat on

A Stanton

MelonsMelons are 95% water.

Sputnik I took 95 minutes to orbit the Earth.

Of the 111 known elements, 95 are known to occur naturally.

Oil95% of Nigeria's export earnings come from oil.

The atmosphere of Mars is 95% carbon dioxide.

Of China's more than 1 billion people, approximately 95% speak Chinese.

SaturnThe planet Saturn has 95 times as much mass as the Earth.

The American aircraft carrier Eisenhower can carry 95 aircraft.

95% of all existing species are invertebrates (animals without backbones).