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Two forty-eights
are 96 plates.
Three thirty-twos
are 96 shoes.
Four twenty-fours
are 96 doors.
Six sixteens
are 96 beans.
Eight twelves
are 96 shelves.
Twelve eights
are 96 gates.
Sixteen sixes
are 96 pixies.
Twenty-four fours
are 96 floors.
Thirty-two threes
are 96 pees.
Forty-eight twos
are 96 loos.

Michael Rosen

Grandma lectured her foul-mouthed grand-daughter,
"I've lived NINETY-SIX years, so you oughta
Keep a hold of your tongue
For you're still only young-
Twenty-four? Pah! You're merely a quarter!"

A Stanton

ExplosionIn 1962 the USA set the record for causing the most number of nuclear explosions in a single year - 96 .

96 people were crushed to death at Hillsborough football stadium, Sheffield in 1989.

PolicemanIn England and Wales suspects can be held for up to 96 hours (four days) without being charged.

There is a place in South Carolina, USA called Ninety-six.

The Hubble Space Telescope has a 96 inch aperture.

The Upper AvonThe Upper Avon is 96 miles long, as is the river Tweed.

96 countries signed the nuclear test ban treaty in 1963, the most notable absence being that of France.