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On our radio it says
FM 97.30 MHz.
Hour after hour
of people talking:
here is the news
here is the news
here is the news...
My Dad listens to it all the time.
That way he can get to know about
everything going on in the world.
One time I said,
'Dad, do you mind if I ask you
'No, you go ahead,' he said.
I said, 'What's FM stand for?'
'Er, I'm not really sure,' he said.
'Is it, FM 97.30 or 97.30 MHz?'
'Er, I don't rightly know,' he said.
'What's MHz', I said.
'Er, I don't really know,' he said.
'You don't mind me asking you all these
do you?' I said.
'No, of course not, son,' he said,
'asking questions is how you learn things.'

Michael Rosen

NINETY-SEVEN! Oh, what may I write
That will thrill and inspire and delight?
I think you will find
Of all two-digit primes
It's the highest (I hope that's all right)

A Stanton

GreenlandThe world's largest national park is in Greenland covering a staggering 97 million hectares.

97% of burglaries in the UK are committed by men, according to a report in 1993.

At 97 mentions, corn is the most cited crop in the bible (new and old testaments).

97 out of every 100,000 people in the UK are in prison.

97% of the world's water is sea water (with only 3% fresh water).

A condom covered in spermicide is 97% effective compared with 85% effective without spermicide. (Diaphragm contraception is also 97% effective when properly practised.)

WoolAustralia exports 97% of its wool production.

97 is the highest two digit prime number.