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If I was a Roman
I think I would hate
a number like 98.
Roman times
was when
ninety was written then
as a hundred
take away ten.
But you see
a hundred
was a 'C'
and a ten was an 'X'
but the 'X'
didn't come next.
A hundred and ten
was written 'CX'.
What they said
was: write 'XC' instead
But that's not all - wait,
because you need the eight
which you made out of a five
and a three
but what was a five?
A five was a 'V'.
And in Roman sums
a three looked like three ones
but a one was an 'I'
(don't ask why!).
So you wrote an 'X' and a 'C'
followed by a 'V'
then an 'I' and an 'I' and an 'I' to make

Michael Rosen

Here's an artistic fact that still pinches
All you budding Leonardo Da Vincis
A piece of A4
Will restrict what you draw
To NINETY-EIGHT and seven-sixteenth square inches

A Stanton

Hong KongHong Kong is the world's most densely populated city with 98 thousand people per square kilometre.

Sodium melts at 98 degrees centigrade.

98% of Argentinians are descended from European settlers.

IceThe ice around the North Pole is up to 98 feet thick.

The Caledonian Canal in Scotland is 98 kilometres long.

ThermometerThe average temperature of the human body is 98 degrees Fahrenheit. A change by more than about 1 degree indicates ill health.

Cast iron is made up of a maximum of 98% iron with the remainder being carbon.