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You're the nearly number
hanging about waiting to be a hundred
cricketers wanting to make a century
speed freaks wanting to do a ton
a test result not quite full score.
99, the nearly-guy
but I look at you and remember teachers
telling us that all speech ended in 99.
The thing that ended talking was a 99
(it started with a 66, they said).
The man said, 66 Hello 99 .
The speech marks to end all speech
99 - not nearly,
but an end.
But also:
an ice cream with a chocolate flake stuck
in it -
a delicious Excalibur
(hard luck, King Arthur, you missed out
on that one).
99, the last of the elevensey rhythms:
nine elevens are ninety-nine.
Comin' down the line
Just on time
Ninety nine
Doin' just fine.

Michael Rosen

NINETY-NINE is a kind of Cornetto
That was born in the Venetian ghetto
Short work you will make
Of this cone and its flake
When it's finished you'll be quite upsetto!

A Stanton

ChimpanzeeChimpanzees have 99% of the same genes as humans.

A 99 is an ice cream sold with a chocolate flake.

The Japanese cremate 99% of their dead.

Nile99% of Egyptians live along the banks of the river Nile.

Germany has 99 of the 626 seats in the European Parliament.

A percentile is one of the 99 values that divide a frequency distribution into 100 parts.

TrafficSouth Africa has the most dangerous roads with 99 deaths per annum per 100,000 of population, almost three times higher than any other country.

99 Red Balloons was a hit for German band Nena in 1984. The original version in German was called 99 luftballoons.