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Maths and people
Maths is all about people. People are measured by their height, their weight, the size of their feet and the size of their clothes.

Hands up!

  • First, let your child draw around one of their hands and then let them draw around yours.
  • Next, place 1p coins inside the outline of the hands and draw around them so you donít leave any spaces.
  • Add up the value of the coins. How much is their hand worth? How much is your hand worth?
  • Is it worth twice as much if you do the same with 2p coins? Try it with other coins too.
  • How much is it worth using 5p coins?
      Are you as long as you are wide?
    Stretch your arms out and measure the length from the fingertips on one of your hands to the fingertips on your other hand. This gives you your arm span. Then, compare the width of your arm span to the length of your body. Do it with other members of the family and what do you find?
    (It is usually about the same!)
      How many days old are you?
    Before you start to work this out using a calculator, try to guess. Have a good guess, not a wild one! Here are a few tips to start you off.
  • Take your age in years and multiply it by 365 (but remember itís 366 for each leap year).
  • Count the number of days since your last birthday.
  • Add them all together. Too easy? If so, work out how many minutes old you are.

    Scaling the weights

    six kilograms heavierWeigh your child on the bathroom scales. Weigh them again while they are holding the family pet. Can they work out how much heavier they are? Can you find two things heavier than your child and two things lighter than your child around the house? girl with rabbit
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      Maths and people
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