Maths at school
The Government has introduced the National Numeracy Strategy to improve standards in maths.

Educating your child is a partnership between you and your child’s school

How do they do it these days?
There are lots of ways you can find out about the maths your child is learning at school.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher and ask how you can help your child at home.
  • Take an interest in your child’s homework as some homework is meant to be shared with parents.
  • Go to parents’ evenings to see the way your child’s school teaches maths.
  • Talk to other parents about how they help their children and share ideas!

    What can I use to help my child with maths?
  • A globe of the earth.
  • Plastic measuring jugs marked with litres(l) and millilitres(ml).
  • A tape measure marked in centimetres(cm).
  • A children’s atlas.
  • Kitchen scales (that can weigh in kilograms(kg)).
  • Plastic measuring spoons (5ml, 10ml and so on).
  • A watch with stopwatch or timer on it.
  • Road maps and road atlases.
  • Lots of games you can play together.
    Best of all, try to find lots of time to play and talk with your child.

    There's help and information available
    Look out for what's happening in your school
    Over the next year look out for maths events and projects at your child’s school.
    These may include: maths evenings; chess or board games clubs for children; a maths homework club; a parent group designed to help with maths skills. You may find that some of these events will need volunteer help. Ask your child’s teacher if your school is planning any events for Maths Year 2000.

    And in your area
    Look out for Maths Year 2000 MathFests. These events and activities going on in libraries, museums and galleries over the next year. They are designed to get families involved in the fun and excitement of maths. Ask at your local library for maths games and books suitable for your child’s age, and about adult numeracy classes which can help adults improve their maths.

    Television, radio and the Internet
    There are many TV and radio programmes about maths that parents and children will find useful and entertaining. These are just some of them.

    BBC TV
    Improving Numeracy with Dynamo (for ages 5 to 9);
    Teletubbies (for ages 1 to 3);
    Tweenies (for ages 3 to 5); Numbertime (for ages 4 to 7);
    Number Adventures (for ages 5 to 7);
    Megamaths (for ages 7 to 9);
    and The Learning Zone (for adults).

    BBC Radio
    Maths Challenge (for ages 9 to 11).
    Phone: 08700 100 222

    On Channel 4:
    The Number Crew (for ages 5 to 7); and TVM (for ages 7 to 11).
    Phone: 01926 436444

    Maths Year 2000
    Maths at school
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