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Maths in play
Playing games will help your child to get better at maths. Play games like snakes and ladders, ludo or dominoes. Or, you can make up your own maths games.
girl with footballDominoes down
Spread a set of dominoes face down on the table. Each player chooses a domino at the same time. Add the two numbers on your domino together. Whoever has the largest number keeps both dominoes. The person who ends up with the most dominoes wins! You can change the game by:
  • subtracting the two numbers on your domino from 12; or
  • multiplying the two numbers on your domino.

    Iíve got a number in my pocket!
    My number is less than 100 but what is it? Try to find out what it is in 20 questions. A guess is wasted so ask questions that remove groups of numbers.
  • Is it odd or even?
  • Is it more or less than 50?
  • Can you divide it by five?

    Top of the table!
    Your football team is unbeaten in the first ten games of the season: WWDWDDDWWD, where a win(W) is 3 points, a draw(D) is 1 point,
    and a loss(L) is 0 points. How many points has your team got?
      Car number games
    Look at the three digits (numbers) on a car, for example 562:
  • The biggest number you can make by rearranging them is 652.
  • The smallest number you can make is 256.
  • Add the numbers together (5+6+2 = 13).
  • Multiply them (5x6x2 = 60).
  • Count up in tens (562, 572, 582, 592, 602 and so on).
  • Count down in tens (562, 552, 542 and so on).
  • Count up in hundreds (562, 662, 762, 862, 962, 1062 and so on).
  • Count down in hundreds (562, 462, 362, 262, 162, 62).
  • Subtract the numbers (5-6-2 = -3).
  • Divide it by tens (562, 56.2, 5.62, 0.562, 0.0562 and so on).
  • Multiply by ten (562, 5,620, 56,200, 562,000 and so on).
      Boy with footballStriker!
    Your favourite football striker is scoring in every game! His record for the first ten games of the season is: 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 4. What's his average number of goals in each game? Clue Add up all the goals and find the total number scored, then divide this number by the number of games played. That's your average!
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      Maths in play
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