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Maths on time
We need to know more than just how to tell the time. Every day
we use timetables, calendars and diaries to make life easier.
A diary of events
Passport and moneyBuy your child a pocket diary and help them plan out a daily timetable for their week at school. Write in the times on days of the week they have school assembly, after-school clubs, PE, games and swimming. Make a note of any days they have homework. You can use colour codes to highlight them.

We're all going on a summer holiday!
Don't miss your flight!
Your flight to Spain leaves at 10:50. Is that day or night?
You need to be at the airport two hours before your flight leaves.
What time is that?
What time will you need to leave your house to get to the airport?
The flight takes three hours: 11:50, 12:50, 13:50.
So, you arrive in Spain at 13:50, which is ten minutes to two in the afternoon.
Now, your return flight leaves Spain at 15:30.
What time do you need to be at the airport? What time will you arrive home? (See the answers below)
The one-minute challenge
What can your child do for exactly one minute?
  • Balance on one leg?
  • Stare without blinking?
  • Count the seconds in their head?
  • What else can they do in one minute?
    Youíll need a watch or clock with a second hand to time your child.
  • clockBeat the clock
    Time your child as they do one of the following.
  • Count back from 100 in tens.
  • Count back from 75 in fives.
  • Starting at six, count up in tens to 206.
  • Starting at 39, count up in twenties to 239.
  • Starting at 67, count up in thirties to 367.
    Can they beat their record?

  • mother and daughter World family

    You have a family all over the world. When you are having your lunch (12 noon), what are your relatives doing in:
  • Los Angeles (8 hours behind)
  • Jamaica (5 hours behind)
  • India (51/2 hours ahead)
  • Hong Kong (8 hours ahead)
  • Sydney (10 hours ahead)?
    (See the answers below )
  • Answers:
    Weíre all going on a summer holiday: 10:50 is day time; you should be at the airport by 08:50 on the outward journey and 13:30 on the return journey. A 3 hour flight gets you home at 18:30 ignoring time zones) World Family: Los Angeles: sleeping, itís 4am; Jamaica: having breakfast, itís 7am; India: tea time, itís half past five, Hong Kong: getting ready for bed, itís 8pm; Sydney: sleeping, itís 10pm)
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