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Directory of Maths Performers

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Adam AtkinsonDemonstrates traditional boardgames like aware, shogi and xiangqi at maths / games / country - related events such as maths department open days, the Mind Sports Olympiad, Japan Festivals. Also takes stuff like "Winning Ways" along to talk about Nim / Kayles / combinatorial game theory.Adam Atkinson
9a Church Road
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 9BB
BraidmakerDrop in workshops making beautiful coloured braids from thread. Rod explains the mathematics of what he is doing, and encourages hands-on participation by all ages.Rod Owen
19 Salter Close
Phone: 01865 722906
Caves LtdSmall business producing high quality tuition software. They are happy to run formal or informal workshops demonstrating their products. Mental maths software prepares students for Key Stage mental maths tests. Audio visual tutors teach real syllabuses. They also have a 'Maths for A level physicists' course.Alison and Hugh Joiner
Caves Ltd
PO Box 204
St Albans
Phone/fax: 01438 832695
The Circle Scribe RoadShowDrop in workshops using the Disk Compass to draw circles and perform other geometrical constructions. Aims to interest people in the subject of geometry and circles in particular and to make them understand that drawing a circle is a pleasurable activity. Would like to sell disc compasses at the event.Bill Harper
Circle Scribe Ltd
PO Box 27
L36 4RS
Phone: 0151 289 5681
Fax: 0151 489 6350
CountdownLiz and friends do the Countdown numbers Suitable for audiences of all abilities. They encourage anyone who is struggling.Liz Leask
Blackfyne School,
Durham Road,
County Durham
Dr Mark's INSPIREmaths!
(Maths shows and CPD with the FUN bits left in!)
Liven up your 'Numeracy Hour' and truly inspire your pupils and teachers with Dr Mark's fun and novel 'COOL MATHS!' shows (KS1 - 4), INSPIREmaths Teachers' CPD training (KS1-3) , and his 'Magical Maths' books and CDROM resources. Since 1996 Dr Mark has forged an outstanding reputation with literally thousands of schools, LA's, museums and conference event organisers throughout the UK, including the NEC Education Show and the TES Education conferences. Dr Mark is seen by many as one of the UK's leading educational providers for science and maths. Dr Mark's presentations are especially suitable and adaptable for teachers and pupils from KS1 - 3, including Special Educational Needs and Gifted & Talented pupils. See website for more details, and for FREE download resources!Dr Mark Biddiss
Phone: 0845 0680 222
Mobile: 07966 182141
Rob EastawayInteractive, entertaining talks about the creative side of maths for KS2 primary pupils, secondary pupils, teachers and the public, ideal for maths weeks and special events. Content is tailored for the age and ability of the audience, and includes mathematical magic tricks and puzzles for younger pupils, and applications of maths in everyday life for older pupils. There are teacher notes for follow-up in class, where appropriate. Rob appears regularly on Radio 4 and 5 Live, and his books include Why do buses come in threes?Rob Eastaway
18 Colwell Rd
SE22 8QP
Phone: 0208 299 4203
Gary the Musical ClownGary the Musical Clown presents workshops and shows for children and 'insets' for teachers on 'Forces' using circus activities. The Mathematical content makes this suitable for both Maths & Science Events. Particularly suitable for KS1 & KS2. Can also offer fun & unique presentations by using music & drama to help children memorise their Multiplication Tables. Complete with follow up activities for Teachers / Parents and children (CD-ROM, CDs, videos, booklet and holiday / car tape cassette) which have carefully been put together by Mary Robertson C.Psychol., AFBPsS.Gary Poleykett
89 Chamberlain Avenue
ME16 8PE
Phone: 01622 727629
Fax: 01622 205717
Pete Hall, Calculator man!Calculator workshops or 'drop in' sessions run in conjunction with Texas Instruments. Our mission - maths with a calculator is fun AND educational.Pete Hall
Phone: 0113 214 4290
Mobile: 07932 318583
John HarrisonDemonstrations of the Numdrum, which is an arithmetical aid useful for teaching. John would like to promote this at maths events attended by families and teachers. He will help visitors work with Numdrums and make them available to buy.John Harrison
Unit 9
Woodgate Farm
CM6 2BN.
Phone/Fax: 01279 850566
Hattie MathsA mathematical clown with a problem solving streak, Hattie invites children (and adults) to watch, listen and think to discover hidden mathematical secrets. Items include paper folding, paper cutting, bubbles, juggling with numbers and a story. Performances can be adapted to suit Nursery to KS1, KS2 and KS3.Sue Brown
1 Priory Crescent
Phone: 020 8904 7013 or 07719 172 329
Jelly JamesMaths Assessment CD-ROM aimed at parents and educators who wish to help their children prepare for KS1-SATs. The programme gives the children the opportunity to practice and grade their Maths skills. Also have a Mental Arithmetic CD-ROM to give KS1 children the skills to respond to numerous maths questions within a time limit.Karima Esmail
Jelly James
Unit 24
Rooks Hill
Welwyn Garden City
Tel/Fax: 01707-333982
Andrew JeffreyAndrew is a professional Magician from Brighton, as well as being Head of Maths at St Aubyns Prep School in Brighton. His motto is "Maths Is Fun!", and he also gives interactive mathemagic lectures to children from Key Stages 1 to 4, and has used these sessions to develop children's understanding of place value, shape, area, probability, number sequences, algebra and more! Andrew also has a mathemagical cabaret show, which he performs for adults at conferences.Tel: 01273 279746 (Evenings)
Peter JoyceActor who portrays Newton, or Galileo. Peter does a one hour performance, which can be adjusted to suit the age of his audience. He will walk round in his part between performances.E-mail:
Phone : 01476 571333
MadflapHands-on activities and workshops, based around engineering, building, and practical maths, bespoke to the school. For primary, special, and secondary.Laurie Barbour
Corra Linn Events
Main Street
West Lothian
EH48 3BU
Tel/Fax: 01506 652713
Magic Mac's Magical Numeracy ShowMagic Maths Clown for primary schools (number order, add and subtract, 3D shapes, fractions etc.).Magic Mac
Tel: 01506 854346
The Magic of NumbersNumeracy with a difference and the difference is fun. A motivational learning presentation comprising a hilarious magic show designed to promote an interest in Numeracy in a fun way. Aimed at KS1 (years 1 & 2 ), it comprises 40-45 minutes of pure fun and astonishment during which numeracy is explored using magic and illusion as the means of delivery. Complements the teacher's role providing a vehicle for class follow-up work and discussion.Peter Smales
24 St Davids Close
E Yorkshire
HU16 4NN
Tel: (01482) 842991
Email: p&
Magic Mathworks Travelling CircusLarge, hands-on maths activities. Suitable for all ages. Paul will attend events himself, or send representatives plus equipment, or hire equipment by itself.Paul Stephenson
Old Coach House
Phone: 01352 713014 (base)
Phone:07774 997177 (mobile)
Mathematical OrigamiMathematical origami workshops and drop in workshops about how to fold and assemble excellent modular origami polyhedra. Dave has written various books on the subject, which can be made available for sale.Dave Mitchell
MathstoriesSteve has written humorous, maths-based stories for Nursery up to Year 6 children, which he performs interactively with the children. Steve has visited schools all over the country.The stories explore concepts studied in the Numeracy Hour. The stories lead to follow-up work exploring these concepts. Steve's work can also be found on the Count On website. under MathsStories, Maths Mysteries, and the Wise Wizz of Woo. Steve Way,
57 South Lane,
WF4 4LL,
Tel: 01924 279164
Tel: 07831 572888
Maths Storytelling.Liz Humphry-Williams of Arts Desire is one of the North's leading Educational Drama specialists. With her character Bessie Bagshaw, children 'investigate' the strange things happening with numbers. An indoor/outdoor event walkabout storytelling session for 5 to 9's.Liz Humphry Williams
Arts Desire
7 Ferrand Lane
BD16 2JP
Phone: 01274 568417
Mobile: 07974 320647
Maths in a SuitcaseNow maths in two suitcases! Lo-tech, hands-on maths activities designed to attract, engage and encourage mathematical thinking. All the activities can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, gender, ability or experience. Selwyn also use the activities to take people on mathematical journeys and introduce concepts like proof, specialisation and generalisation. The displays can also be supported by origami, bubble workshops etc..Selwyn van Zeller
7 Station Avenue
B16 9SZ
Phone: 0121 429 9327
A Meeting with PythagorasYour chance to join Pythagoras and Theano and learn about the importance of harmony and balance in music, nature and the world. You will hear the harmony of the spheres, find out about the shapes and personalities of numbers and discover an ancient secret which proves that numbers are everywhere and form the basis of everything." Researched and performed by MOMI Actors Consultancy.Contact Andrew Ashmore
Phone: 020 7815 1336
Millennium Maths Project HandsOn Maths RoadshowActivities, games and puzzles taken largely from the NRICH OnLine Maths Club website ( and given a HandsOn quality. All we need is a large room with tables and floorspace to set up this event. Suitable for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, with the opportunity for older pupils to be involved as helpers. Parents are always welcome too. Suitable for school-day programmes or drop-in sessions for families.Susan Hickman
MMP Schools Liaison Officer
17 Trumpington Street
Cambridge, CB2 1QA
Tel: 01223 330578
Fax: 01223 356410
Museum of the Moving Image Actors Consultancy.Interactive theatrical performance, designed for KS2 and family audiences. Duration 45 minutes (up to three performances in one day). The audience meet Pythagoras and his wife Theano, find out what it takes to become Pythagoreans and learn that numbers are in everything. They will make the harmony of the spheres, recreate the movement of the heavenly bodies in the universe, discover the perfect number, learn how numbers are connected to music, explore the shapes of numbers, unravel the meaning of the secret symbol of the Tetractys and prove Pythagoras' most famous theorem in a bold and striking hands-on session with much audience involvement.Andrew Ashmore
Museum of the Moving Image
Actors Consultancy
Museum of the Moving Image
South Bank
London SE1 8XT
Tel: 020 7815 1336 or 07949 574161
Chris NortonAn interactive (hands-on) science communicator who supported Maths Year 2000 with an adaptable maths/science show based around the number 2000. The show has been developed by the British Interactive Group (BIG) and is suitable for all age groups and for adult shows/workshops. It runs for 2000 seconds! The BIG show 2000 is also designed to augment the National Curriculum.Chris Norton
55 Cathedral Rd
CF11 9HD
Phone: 029 20631234
Mobile: 0777 3298744
Mr NumbervatorThere is only one Mr. Numbervator. He promotes a 'can do' attitude towards learning Maths. Lively, fun, interactive development of skills and concepts. Qualified, experienced class teacher - key stages 1, 2, 3. DFEE performances - Maths Year 2000 performances. Suitable for assemblies, classroom workshops, larger open events, secondary schools Numeracy INSETS - YEAR 7&8 workshops.Phone/Fax: 020 8961 4382
Phone (mobile): 07956 819838
E-mail :
Paper Magic & Maths TVPractical workshops, exhibitions and INSET using video and A size paper. It's amazing how many polygons and striking colourful patterns can be made by folding A size paper. These folded shapes are wonderful for exploring the properties of polygons as well. No previous 'origami' experience is needed. Liz is an Education Officer for Channel 4 Schools and travels the country promoting this type of paper folding along with the effective use of television/video in the classroom.Liz Meenan
Channel 4 Schools Education Officer
65 Moor Grange View
LS16 5BH
Phone/Fax: 0113 2305019
PolydronWill provide equipment and run workshops. Also looking for opportunities to sell Polydron.Andrew Gregory
Phone: 01285 770055
Kjartan PoskittKjartan does hour long performances of quirky maths stuff such as magic squares, knots, tricks, codes, amazing number predictions and other things related to his "Murderous Maths" books. Quite a lot of audience participation. Mainly suitable for audiences aged 10 and up. Will do several sessions per day, preferably at places within reasonable rail travelling time of York.Kjartan Poskitt
Phone: 01904 652884
Professor FiddlesticksThe Professor does a one hour interactive show about the science and maths of circus skills. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Prefers locations that can be reached by train, bus or bike from York. Particularly interested in working with people with learning difficulties and those with mental illness.John Cossham
21 Emerald Street
YO31 8LQ
Phone: 01904 651773
Rangoli WorkshopsRangoli is the Indian tradition of women's folk art involving the creation of beautiful geometric floor decorations based on a lattice and using coloured ground rice. Demonstrations and practical workshops for all ages.Shobhna Pratima and Naina Haria
Phone: 020 8206 0629.
Sharp CalculatorsRun workshops, exhibitions and INSET using a wide range of their products. Very high quality, and educational content without sales pressure.Christine Hernon and Graham,
Galtrey, Educational Advisors
Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd
Sharp House Thorp Road
Newton Heath
M40 5BE
Phone: 0161 204 2457
Fax: 0161 204 2502
David SingmasterDavid gives lectures on recreational mathematics and its history. Topics include Problem Solving and Rubik's Cube, Medieval Recreations in Mathematics, and many more. The lectures are mainly suitable for sixthformers and undergraduates. David can also provide hands-on puzzles and toys to be used in conjunction with his lecture.87 Rodenhurst Road
Tel/fax: 020-8674 3676
Soroban the Japanese abacusKimie will bring 30 sorobans for a hands-on workshop. She will show how soroban works and how quickly it can be operated. Furthermore she will encourage you to calculate by simply visualising the beads of the soroban. Equipment needed black-board and OHP. Suitable for Key stage 2 and above.Kimie Markarian
108 Woodland Avenue
CM13 1HL
Tel & Fax: 01277 224574
Stanley Thornes (Publishers)Ltd Incorporating NelsonPublish a varied and high quality range of educational mathematical materials (paper-based and electronic) for pupils, students, parents/ guardians and teachers of all ages/levels.Maria Kirston
Stanley Thornes Publishers
Ellenborough House
Wellington Street
GL50 1YW
Phone: 01242 228888
Fax: 01242 221914
Sun Jester Historical Interpretation and ConsultancyCross-curricular activity based sessions. The workshop on the design and construction of Roman mosaics is particularly relevant to maths based work. Many options available. Please contact for further details and special bespoke project work.Graham Harrison
Sun Jester Historical
Interpretation and Consultancy
12 Ascott Road
Bucks HP20 1HX
Tel: 01296 423118
Valiant TechnologyValiant produce the well-known Roamer and a brand new electronic Maths workbook called Math-U. Will run high quality workshops and Inset, no sales pressure. Can loan equipment for large events and may be able to provide personnel. Can suggest activities using their equipment for smaller events (most schools have Roamer) and provide loads of free maths resources using Roamer on their website. Quite happy to discuss ways they can support any event.Kate Hudson
Valiant Technology
Valiant House
3 Grange Mills
Weir Rd
London SW12 0NE
Phone: 020 8673 2233
Fax: 020 8673 6333
Woolly ThoughtsHand knitted and crocheted afghans (blankets) in mathematical patterns. They vary in size, but the average size is about 4 feet by 6 feet. Many of the afghans are made from several small shapes (tessellations). Pat and Steve demonstrate their work, use knitted shapes as a tessellation activity, and explain how they can help schools knit their own mathematical afghansPat Ashforth
166 Keighley Road
Steve Plummer